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Candice M. Barber—

“She’s so talented, if you’re looking for someone for a party our event definitely check her out!!”




Athena Paschal—

“She is an awesome artist and glad to have her as a friend too :)”



Barbara Sloan Muller—

“She is a very talented artist with a gigantic heart. She is also very compassionate. She is great with kids (and adults!). Would have her at any event I host.”



Brynn Jordan—

“We loved her, she is great! She was even able to get my 2yr old to sit still to get her face painted! Look forward to using her for birthday parties in the future!”



Anna Snowden —

“Awesome with kids!”



Deborah Puggioni —

“The best!!!”


Testimonials on September 21, 2015 rated 4.9 of 5